There is an absolute to all my Fine Art Photography, I love creating beautiful images; seeing through the lens of the camera as my eye sees them, with the love of color, light and shadow that envelops a subject; evoking emotion from the viewer. I see creativity in most everything; from an ordinary object, a persons expression or an abstract object, are all images waiting to be made into something new and beautiful.

I pay close attention to detail, to the point of obsession! A good thing for you the consumer, but not for the printer. I shoot great images that will hopefully to be a permanent fixture on your walls.

Today, I am very much bonded to Fine Art Portraits and creative pieces. I Often see and creating images from subjects many people overlook... That is when I see art!

From pets to people, fine portraits are created.

When I work with you to create a Pet or a Client's portrait, I look into the eyes of my subject trying to bring out a uniqueness, personality and capture a classic image; suitable for framing. Light and shadow play a huge, intricate role with all of my Fine Art Photography.From added textures to Paintery style or and oil portrait, we will work together to get exactly what your home needs.

So, what do Ya' say?
Are you ready to be a rock star?
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